Discover toys from around the world.

smiling little girl in an Amish dress holding an Amish doll

Help your child explore the beauty of different places and cultures from your home. Tayri offers carefully curated boxes of toys from around the world delivered straight to your doorstep. Each box provides the opportunity to learn something new.

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Each box features a beautifully illustrated map and a mix of “themed” toys as well as locally sourced artisan toys.

Lisa Says
Lisa says
5 stars

“Each whimsical item included is high quality and fun, but the best part is how it gave us the feeling of exploration again since the travel restrictions began. I’m a fan!!”

Lynn Says
Lynn says
5 stars

“All of the crafted artisan toys were very well-made. Best of all, watching my grandchildren happily play and use their imaginations was magic.”

Gigi Says
Gigi says
5 stars

“All of the toys are hand painted and the quality really shows. I even received a hand written note from the owner in my box.”

Kayleen Says
Kayleen says
5 stars

“The handmade wooden toys are beautifully made and came in a super cute box…. It’s a must have!”

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